The cleaning of medical facilities such as clinics, hospitals, medical offices or laboratories must be given special attention, because of the presence of biofilms and the significant risk of contracting nosocomial diseases.

Considerable research investment have been given by Cleanea and its partners to understand the processes that contribute to bacterial load in healthcare settings.



The overuse of antibiotics has led to the development of resistance from many micro-organisms. This antibiotics risks has far-reaching implications which have resulted in the use of increasingly harsh chemicals in the Healthcare facilities. 

Cleanea's solutions are made through an electrolysis process and kills harmful germs, viruses and spores including influenzas, E-coli, C-difficile and Norovirus (to see the full list click here). 


The blue and red solutions are harmless to people, animals and the environment and can be used in common areas, rooms but also operating rooms. 

The red solution is as efficient as usual disinfectants but safer and more respectful of the health of users and the environment.


It can be used for sanitising surfaces, fabrics and equipments

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