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Products as effective as conventional detergents

The effectiveness of Cleanea products has been tested in laboratories and field-tested. Thus, the replacement of chemicals can save money and still get the same efficiency for surfaces cleaning.

Standardised products

The red disinfectant solution is certified according to EN 1276, EN 1275, EN 1650, EN 13697, EN 13624, EN 14476. It is referenced in Simmbad (French government database of biocidal products). The red solution is certified for TP02 (Disinfectants used in the private and public health and other biocidal products) and TP04 (Disinfectants for surfaces in contact with food and feed). It eliminates, among others, E-coli, Enterococcus hirae, Pseudomonas aeruginosa, Staphylococcus aureus, A Niger & brasiliensis, Candida Albicans, ...

Multiple use to replace up to 80% of conventional detergents

Solutions are effective on all types of surfaces: hard surfaces, walls, floors, carpets, toilets, worktops, mirrors, tiles ...

They are used with different processes, such as prepreg, microfibers, scrubbers ...



Protect the health and safety of employees

Less aggressive than traditional detergents, Cleanea products are better supported and more respectful of users' health. In addition, their use does not require the wearing of Individual Protective Equipment (protective gloves, glasses ...).

Reduce the risk of error

Cleanea products are ready to use and require no dosage. There is therefore no risk of over or under dilution which is a frequent problem when concentrated chemicals are used, which can lead to additional costs or loss of effectiveness of the detergent.

Simplify staff training

Two products only to clean most surfaces, compared to a dozen when using traditional detergents. The use of products is simple and staff training fast.


Boost the image of your company

Adopting Cleanea technology shows your commitment to the environment and innovation. This element of differentiation can be valued and bring you a significant competitive advantage (call for tenders, CSR approach ...).

Win time

Out of stock does not exist because the products are available on site "on demand".

Reduce the costs of logistics and products

Producing your own detergents on site saves a lot of money. All costs related to the administrative processing of orders, the management of supplies and the transportation of products are simply removed.

In addition, the production of solutions requires only salt, water and electricity. One liter of water makes it possible to manufacture 1 liter of product and the machine does not consume more than one bulb.

Once the machine is depreciated, the annual cost of detergents therefore drops sharply compared to traditional detergents.


Reduce your ecological footprint by limiting:

CO² emissions

By adopting Cleanea's solutions, the entire supply chain is removed. Emissions related to the manufacture of the packaging of the cleaning products and their transport are eliminated.

Polluting waste

In use, the two Cleanea solutions produced on site are packaged in reusable sprayers. Sacks of salt (about 11g of discarded plastic per 15,000 m² cleaned) are the only waste generated by our system.

The use of toxic products

Both solutions, produced with water and salt, replace up to 90% of the chemicals traditionally used for cleaning surfaces.

Strengthen your HQE performance

To comply with the "HQE Approach", a building must reach a minimum of 14 targets, including:

  • 3 at the basic level,

  • 4 at the high level,

  • 7 at the very high level.


The Cleanea system contributes to the achievement of 5 targets: C1. Optimize maintenance of outdoor spaces / C3. Construction site with low environmental impact / C7. Maintenance and Maintenance Management / C12. Sanitary quality of spaces / C13. Air quality

More information on HQE certification

Download our brochure Cleanea and the HQE

Improve the quality of your indoor air

No toxic emanations or volatile organic compounds (VOCs) are released by the two solutions produced by the Cleanea system. Thus, the air quality of the cleaned spaces is preserved.

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