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Reuse sector

Reuse is expanding today due to the growing awareness of the importance of sustainability, reducing waste, preserving natural resources and combating climate change.

The government encourages reuse, imposes waste reduction, and players in the construction sector, in particularACORUS follow the trend and no longer hesitate to offer renovated equipment as part of the rehabilitation of large complexes.

Lavabos pour réemploi

Actors committed to the reuse of materials such asCycle Up are implementing circular economy solutions, particularly through second-hand materials marketplaces and reconditioning sectors.

The sanitary sector is based on an innovative and ecological ceramic cleaning process, possible thanks to Cleanea solutions.

Réemploi et matériaux de seconde main

This innovates in terms of use by offering ready-to-use cleaning solutions, manufactured on site only with water, salt and electricity, fluids available almost everywhere.


Manufacturing on site at the lowest cost simplifies operational management by eliminating the need to store and manage a variety of chemicals.

Lavabos en plein lavage
Gants qui frottent un lavabo sale
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