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Cleanliness in the hotel industry


The hotel industry is a very specific profession which is aimed at a demanding clientele, attentive to hygiene and cleanliness, so cleaning is an integral part of the activity and is most often carried out by internal teams.

Housekeepers are equipped with a housekeeping cart that contains a vacuum cleaner, brooms, microfiber cloths and chemicals. These tools allow you to effectively clean different surfaces in rooms, from floors to windows to furniture.

Regarding chemistry, the cleaning products used in the hotel industry are carefully selected to ensure both optimal cleanliness and compliance with safety and hygiene standards.

The cramped conditions of the bathrooms and certain rooms require the use of fume-free products that respect the health of users and customers.

These health issues and the necessary contribution to sustainable development have led many hotels to equip themselves with a Cleanea machine.

The Red disinfectant product, the Blue cleaning product and a complementary descaling gel meet all needs.

The Bleu product for floors, surfaces, sanitary facilities and exterior windows is specially formulated to eliminate common dirt while preserving the durability of the materials.

The Rouge product for the bathroom, sanitary facilities and taps guarantees impeccable hygiene and a level of shine rarely achieved.

Salle de bain désinfecté et propre

The hotel room cleaning process generally follows a well-defined protocol to ensure maximum consistency and efficiency.

First of all, the maid ventilates the room by opening the windows to freshen the air.

Next, bed linen, towels and other textiles are removed and replaced with clean items.

The cleaning itself begins with the thorough dusting of all surfaces, including furniture, shelves, pictures and decorative items. Next, the floors are swept or vacuumed to remove debris, followed by a thorough washing with products suitable for the type of covering.

Sanitary facilities, such as toilets, sinks and showers, are cleaned with the Rouge product to guarantee optimal hygiene. The use of several cloths is necessary to avoid cross-contamination, the pink color being dedicated to toilets.

The windows are carefully cleaned with Bleu to provide stunning views through the windows, while the mirrors are wiped down after a spray of Rouge for an impeccable shine.

Finally, the room is carefully tidied and prepared to welcome the next guests, ensuring that all amenities such as television, lamps and other appliances are working properly.

As for equipment, you can expect the housekeepers to use a professional vacuum cleaner, 2 Blue and Red sprays, descaling gel, impregnated or non-impregnated microfiber headbands, microfiber cloths for dusting, buckets washing machines, trolleys for transporting bed linen and towels, etc.

Femme de chambre en service

Operating mode

Some metrics

It is important to note that room cleaning productivity can vary depending on several factors such as the size of the rooms, the level of complexity of cleaning required, the number of cleaning team members and their experience, as well as the specific standards of each hotel.

For 2-star hotels, where rooms are generally simpler and smaller, a maid may indeed be able to clean around 15 to 18 rooms per day.

However, for palaces, which often offer a level of luxury and many amenities, the cleaning process can be more complex and require more time. In these high-end establishments, a maid may clean approximately 8 to 10 rooms per day.

These figures are general estimates and may vary depending on the factors mentioned above.

Although not a direct productivity measure, guest satisfaction is essential to the hospitality industry. Positive guest reviews about the cleanliness and condition of rooms can be an indirect indicator of the effectiveness of the cleaning process.

Femme de ménage qui désinfecte une poignée de porte
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